Saturday, October 6, 2007

"Must" & "Have To" Lead to Quitting

My last post clarified that a binge or mentally beating myself up just aren't compatible with a "life style change" or okay reality dictates that I say "diet". I'm still stuck on that word. So what's different this time, I didn't go for the "Huge Goal" on the first day. I can't drive from California to New York in one day, at least not safely.
Having the goal in my head that "I must lose 70 pounds" is partially true. The word "must" is the lie. I don't have to do anything. I can make a choice to do something, but "have to" "must" are just words that shut me down. Instead I learned that my journey to my North Star is about "bagging it" "bartering it" or "bettering it".
"It's in my best interest to lose 70 pounds" is more authentic and honest. That's one way of "BETTERING IT". This is not about a 50ish woman being able to wear a bikinni to the beach to play volleyball next summer. It really is about HEALTH AND WELLNESS! Just a simple reframe made a difference on how I view this "life style change".
In the past, my essential self, the part of me that usually shuts down would act out and sabatoge the attempt to shed a few pounds. I'm definitely acquinted with the "BAGGING IT". I bought a mix and made brownies to mail to one of my sons. By the time I mailed the Brownies, there were about a dozen left to mail. No, I didn't eat the brownies. I sampled the batter to ensure that it was up to par and would yield the taste dividend that I had in mind. I won't explain what happened to the missing brownies.....I do believe that most of those choosing to lose weight know exactly what happened.
Next Post: Reframing the "Have To" "Must" with the idea of "Bartering It".

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